Did Nike Basketball just tease - or release - Victor Wembanyama's new logo?

Nike Basketball reveals Victor Wembanyama's logo with teaser video.
San Antonio Spurs v New Orleans Pelicans
San Antonio Spurs v New Orleans Pelicans / Tyler Kaufman/GettyImages

Nike Basketball may have just teased their new logo for Victor Wembanyama.

Heading into the NBA offseason, there are many across the league that are going to view the San Antonio Spurs as one of the teams that have "next." Because of the budding superstar that Victor Wembanyama has become, this is a team that is likely going to find its way back to relevance sooner rather than later.

While part of that will be due to Wemby's on-the-court significance and how the Spurs continue to build around him, another part of the equation will be his off-the-court influence. Already signed as a Nike athlete, over the next few months, you can bet that Nike is going to push their Wemby line heading into the start of next season.

It was announced recently that Nike plans on releasing Wemby shoes soon. Based on how he's played this season and how much he continues to evolve as a star in the NBA, it's no surprise that Nike is pushing to get the Wemby merchandise on shelves, especially in Texas.

Adding more intrigue to Wemby as he continues to grow both on and off the basketball floor, Nike Basketball may have just released - or teased - a logo for their new branding athlete. Here is the video:

If this is indeed Wemby's new logo, Nike Basketball couldn't have done a better job. As Wemby begins to carve out the start of what could be a historic NBA career, the branding opportunities are only going to grow from here. And if does evolve into the game-changing star player that we're already seeing signs of, Nike could have their next great branding athlete.

This is just the start for Victor Wembanyama

The logo could just be the start. There may not have been a better time to tease it as Nike Basketball elected to tie the video into the craze that the solar eclipse has been.

As the end of the regular season quickly approaches, Wemby is putting a bow on what will be remembered as one of the best rookie seasons in recent history. Projected to play 70-plus games in his rookie season, Wemby is averaging 21 points, 11 rebounds, four rebounds, and four assists on 47 percent shooting from the field and 33 percent shooting from 3-point range.

Even though the Spurs have one of the four worst records in the league, this isn't a team that is going to remain in the basement for long. And the continued emergence is going to be a big reason why. This is just the beginning for Wemby. Everyone knows that. The fans. The Spurs. And, clearly, Nike too.