Golden State Warriors star Steph Curry offers partially shocking comments on retirement

Is Golden State Warriors star Stephen Curry thinking about retirement? He offered some insight.
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Golden State Warriors star Stephen Curry offers some insight of whether or not he's thinking about retirement.

By the time the NBA Playoffs roll around this season, Golden State Warriors star Stephen Curry is going to be 36 years old. It's actually amazing how quickly time flies in the NBA. As a fan, it feels as if it was only last year that the generational Warriors were taking the league by storm. Now, at the 2024 NBA All-Star Break, there's a sense that the Warriors dynasty is on its last legs if it isn't over yet.

If that ends up being the cast, at 36 years old, it will leave Curry in an awkward situation. The Warriors could elect to retool around Curry, but I'm not sure there are many teams willing to fully retool around a 36-year-old. Add in the fact that Curry is beginning to show signs of age and the Warriors as a whole could be heading into an interesting offseason.

For Curry specifically, considering 36 years old is the time when NBA players start considering hanging it up, retirement is at least something that has to be in the back of his mind. However, when recently speaking on the topic of retirement, that may not be entirely the case. In his own words, Curry doesn't believe he's "anywhere close" to retiring.

""Eventually, your body will tell you when it’s time, but I don’t think I’m anywhere close to that.""

Stephen Curry on retirement

At 35 years old, Curry has been relatively durable this season and is averaging 28 points, five assists, and four rebounds per game on 46 percent shooting from the field and 42 percent shooting from 3-point range.

Curry is still playing at a high level and hasn't shown many signs of slowing down. However, Father Time is something that doesn't wait for anyone. Even the great LeBron James, who just turned 39 years old, is beginning to show signs of slowing down. At a certain point, those signs will become more and more clear when watching Curry.

The good news for Curry is that his game is one that should translate well with age. A shooter will always be able to shoot and he doesn't play a demanding (on his body) brand of basketball on either end of the floor.

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At least for now, Curry may not be thinking about retirement. But with how uncertain the Warriors' future is, you can't help but wonder what that also means for Curry's future. It's certainly something to monitor heading into the offseason.