Stephen Curry has harsh criticism for Golden State Warriors after blowing late lead

Stephen Curry didn't hold back on his criticism of the Golden State Warriors after blowing a 4th quarter lead against the LA Clippers.
Golden State Warriors v Utah Jazz
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Stephen Curry takes a dig at himself, Golden State Warriors after blowing 4th quarter lead to the LA Clippers.

To suggest that the Golden State Warriors have been disappointing this season would be a huge understatement. With just one game before the NBA All-Star Break, the Warriors find themselves at an even .500 as they sit in 10th in the Western Conference standings. That's not ideal for a team that many had believed would regain their form this season as a championship contender.

Forget contender status, the Warriors have barely looked like a playoff team for much of the season. And frustrations may have reached an all-time high for the season when the Warriors blew a double-digit fourth-quarter lead against the LA Clippers Wednesday night.

Losing to the Clippers should not be something the Warriors should be all that upset about, especially considering how good they've looked in the past two months, but the context of the loss is what has to be frustrating for Golden State. Just when it appeared as if the Warriors were turning the corner on their early season struggles, in which they had won five games in a row and seven of their last eight games, they blew a game that they had complete control over.

Stephen Curry's comments after blowing a double-digit 4th quarter lead

Forget the opponent, having a 12-point lead in the fourth quarter, that's not a game the Warriors should be dropping. Nevertheless, they did. And after the game, Stephen Curry didn't hold back on digging into the struggling Warriors.

Essentially, Curry told reporters that the Warriors have to get serious if they want to turn their season around, but in very much harsher words.

""We're very average. Very average doesn't get it done in this league. We need to make a run, hopefully, we bounce back tomorrow and after the All-Star break hit a stride where we win every game [at home] and steal a few on the road."

Stephen Curry

It's one thing for a veteran team to be struggling, it's an entirely different thing for one to be struggling to the extent that the Warriors have this season. And it seems as if Curry has had enough. Tagging "average" to a team as talented as the Warriors are on paper is a complete disrespect. But you have to credit Curry for doing so. He's not holding back his true feelings.

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It's truly been a head-scratching year for the Warriors. On paper, they have the talent to be a top 4 team in the West standings. But they're far from that right now. The Warriors have one final stretch of the season left to salvage the year. We're going to learn a lot about this team in the first couple of weeks after the NBA All-Star Break.