Grade the Trade: Brandon Ingram gets title shot with Heat; Pels retool around Zion in bold proposal

Breaking down a bold proposal in which Brandon Ingram gets a fresh start with the Miami Heat and the New Orleans Pelicans begin retooling around Zion Williamson.
New Orleans Pelicans v Miami Heat
New Orleans Pelicans v Miami Heat / Mark Brown/GettyImages
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Heat-Pels trade framework

The bold proposal between the Miami Heat and New Orleans Pelicans

Heading into the summer, there may not be a more aggressive team in the Eastern Conference than the Miami Heat. After taking a big step back this season, the Heat will likely be aiming for the stars with a potentially bold move via trade. Whether or not they have enough trade assets to make a big move remains to be seen. However, in this hypothetical move, the Heat would sense Tyler Herro, Jamie Jaquez Jr. (or Nikola Jovic), and a future first-round pick to New Orleans. In return, the Heat would land Brandon Ingram.

Before we dive into how this could work for both teams, from a value perspective, this seems like a pretty fair deal. Considering that Ingram is essentially an expiring contract, it would be foolish to expect such a deal to be much bigger than this one appears to be. If Ingram makes it clear that he's not going to sign an extension with the team and would much rather move on, this is a possibility that becomes more and more likely.

The Heat would seemingly get their missing All-Star piece and the Pelicans would start a retooling of their roster around Zion Williamson.