NBA: 1 Burning question every team must answer during the final stretch run

Over the final stretch of the season, every NBA team will have at least one burning question to answer.

Dallas Mavericks v Philadelphia 76ers
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Los Angeles Lakers

Burning question: What does LeBron James' future hold and how does that line up with the Lakers?

Even though the Los Angeles Lakers have played better of late, it's hard to envision them making much noise, if any, in the playoffs. Especially after they missed out on making a splash move at the NBA Trade Deadline. It was a curious move but perhaps makes a bit more sense when there are whispers that they could be in line to acquire a superstar this offseason. Despite the rumors, that's still far from a guarantee. Just think how the Miami Heat went from being Damian Lillard's only preferred destination to making a move for Terry Rozier this season.

Nevertheless, if the Lakers are going to appease LeBron James, who can test free agency this summer if he wants, they're likely going to have to make a big move. The big question that the Lakers are facing over the last two months of this season revolves around how much LeBron actually factors into their future.

LeBron is inching closer to the end of his career but there's no question the Lakers would love to re-sign him in the offseason. The Lakers need to figure out if their future and LeBron intersect with each other.