NBA Mock Draft 12.0: Wizards get lifeline at No. 1; Trae Young is traded in bold deal

The Washington Wizards get a lifeline at No. 1 and Trae Young is traded in a bold deal in our latest NBA Mock Draft.
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20. Cleveland Cavaliers - Kevin McCullar Jr., F, Kansas

In what could end up being a chaotic offseason for the Cleveland Cavaliers, this is a team that will have the opportunity to start things off on the right foot, no matter what ends up happening, with a strong selection with the No. 20 pick in the 2024 NBA Draft. Assuming the Cavs will be looking to continue to build around their core, one prospect that could fit in with what Cleveland wants to do moving forward is Kevin McCullar Jr.

As one of the more experienced players in this year's draft class, it's easy to see why McCullar could be of interest to a team like the Cavs. Coming off a season in which he averaged 18 points, six rebounds, and four assists on 45 percent shooting from the field, the Cavs would be hoping his experience translates to the next level.

And if it does, the Cavs would add even more wing depth to their talented group. Ideally, the Cavs would exit this offseason as a true contender heading into next season. But that's clearly far from a guarantee with the amount of questions this front office has to answer over the next few months.