NBA Mock Draft 14.0: Pistons make risky trade; Spurs find their lead guard of the future

There is chaos in the top 5 of the latest edition of our NBA Mock Draft.
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4. San Antonio Spurs - Stephon Castle, G, UCONN

With another projected top 5 pick in the 2024 NBA Draft, the San Antonio Spurs will be looking to find a complementary player to fit next to Victor Wembanyama. While the Spurs have been linked to a few veteran trade targets before the NBA offseason even begins, it would be out of character for the Spurs to make a bold move for a player like Trae Young. Short of that happening at the NBA Draft, it wouldn't be surprising if the Spurs explored the chance to take a potential foundational lead guard with this pick.

One prospect that could fall into that bucket down the road is Stephon Castle. As a player who stood out during his freshman year at Connecticut, Castle has to be considered an intriguing prospect as he prepares to make the jump to the NBA.

If Castle can prove that he can improve his three-point jump shot, there is a chance that he could evolve into a star player at the next level. Castle may not be a surefire prospect - in fact, it'd be tough to find one in this year's draft class - but because of the success he had during college, I find it hard to believe that he won't translate into a good player at the next level.