NBA Mock Draft 16.0: Shocking new No. 1 emerges; Spurs add two potential stars

In one of our final NBA Mock Drafts of the season, a surprising new No. 1 prospect emerges.
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16. Philadelphia 76ers - Kel'el Ware, C, Indiana

The Philadelphia 76ers are heading into the NBA offseason with the priority of adding an All-Star talent next to Tyrese Maxey and Joel Embiid. With the No. 16 overall pick in the 2024 NBA Draft, there could be plenty of worthy gambles for the team with this selection. One particular prospect that could make sense as a fit on the team is Kel'el Ware. With the continued uncertainty surrounding Embiid's durability considering his recent injury history, Ware could make sense as a player who could come in and help take some of the pressure off Philly's All-Star center's shoulders.

Finding a consistent backup center could go a long way in the Sixers finding new ways to keep Embiid healthy and fresh for the postseason. With an intriguing skill set, Ware could be a great fit for the Sixers as a developmental project at the center position.

As a pure 7-footer, Ware has a unique skill set that could complement the Sixers and Embiid in a bench role in the future. And, who knows, maybe he's ready to contribute to a team sooner rather than later.