NBA Mock Draft 16.0: Shocking new No. 1 emerges; Spurs add two potential stars

In one of our final NBA Mock Drafts of the season, a surprising new No. 1 prospect emerges.
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17. Los Angeles Lakers - Bronny James, G, USC

There are many different paths the Los Angeles Lakers could end up taking with the No. 17 overall pick in the 2024 NBA Draft. However, the more and more I think about what the Lakers may do, the more I believe that they're going to select Bronny James. There's just so much evidence that points to this happening, from Bronny being extremely selective in his pre-draft visits to the whispers that he won't be around in the second round of the NBA Draft. If there's a good chance that Bronny ends up being a first-round pick, I'd put a lot of money on the Lakers being the team that rolls the dice on such a move.

As outlandish as it would be to see Bronny be taken in the first round, it's almost less surprising if it ends up being the Lakers as the team that makes the move happen. Bronny is a solid prospect but should probably still be in college. Because of that, he could be setting himself up for failure.

Nevertheless, he should get a fair shot if he ends up being drafted by the Lakers. And, at this point, Bronny deserves a fair shot to prove his worth in the NBA.