NBA Mock Draft 13.0: Atlanta Hawks officially earn No. 1 pick after winning Draft Lottery

The latest edition of our NBA Mock Draft after the order is set by the 2024 NBA Draft Lottery.
2024 NBA All-Star - Commissioner Adam Silver Press Conference
2024 NBA All-Star - Commissioner Adam Silver Press Conference / Stacy Revere/GettyImages
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15. Miami Heat - Jared McCain, G, Duke

As the Miami Heat prepare for an offseason that will drastically impact their future, their first order of business will revolve around how to approach the 2024 NBA Draft. In a good position to find another diamond in the rough, the Heat will enter the draft with the No. 15 overall pick. One intriguing prospect that could be viewed as a high-ceiling gamble at this point in the first round is Duke guard Jared McCain.

McCain is one prospect that I believe many teams will end up not taking a flier on, especially if this year's draft class ends up being the "bust" that many expect it to be. At the very least, the Heat would be getting a strong 3-and-D guard with this selection.

16. Philadelphia 76ers - Ja'Kobe Walter, G, Baylor

With no idea how their roster is going to look at the start of next season, with the exception of Tyrese Maxey, Joel Embiid, and maybe Paul Reed, it's going to be increasingly difficult for the Philadelphia 76ers to make a quality pick with this selection. However, they can't go wrong with a high-ceiling gamble. And Ja'Kobe Walter could represent that for the team if this is how the board falls.