NBA Mock Draft 9.0: Chicago Bulls jump into top 3; Reed Sheppard soars into top 3

In our latest NBA Mock Draft, the Chicago Bulls jump into the top 3 and the hype surrounding Reed Sheppard strengthens.

Saint Peter's v Tennessee
Saint Peter's v Tennessee / Jared C. Tilton/GettyImages
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7. Portland Trail Blazers - Alex Perth, C, France

As the Portland Trail Blazers head into the first full offseason of the rebuild, it’ll be interesting to see how they decide to approach the NBA Draft. Even though Scoot Henderson hasn't exactly looked like the franchise-changing player that the Blazers thought they were getting out of last year‘s top-three pick, this is a team that has to be feeling good about where they stand in terms of roster construction.

With another top-10 pick in this year‘s NBA Draft, if the Blazers could snag a prospect as talented as Alex Perth, it would be a huge overall win for the team. Perth has the talent and potential to be taken in the top three of this year‘s draft. If he is still available at this point in the first round, the Blazers shouldn’t think much of this decision.

Especially considering that the verdict is still out on Deandre Ayton as a long-term answer at the center position for the Blazers, Perth should very much be on the team's radar.