NBA Mock Draft 10.0: Tanking Raptors find top 10 gem; Dalton Knecht soars

In a latest NBA Mock Draft, the tanking Toronto Raptors find a gem with their top 10 pick
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The tanking Toronto Raptors look to find a gem in the top 10 and Dalton Knecht is a soaring draft prospect in the latest edition of our NBA Mock Draft.

With the 2024 NCAA Tournament pretty much in the book (with the exception of the championship game), prospects that were going to make their rise have done so. It's hard to imagine anything happening in the championship altering draft boards all that much. The next big step in the 2024 NBA Draft is the combine and individual workouts and meetings that are going to take place in the next couple of months.

As we take into consideration the risers and fallers from the last couple of weeks (as part of the NCAA Tournament experience), let's take a look at the latest edition of our NBA Mock Draft which includes the Toronto Raptors finding a possible hidden gem and Dalton Knecht making a huge jump.

1. Detroit Pistons - Zaccharie Risacher, F, France

Projected to earn the No. 1 overall pick in the 2024 NBA Draft, there are several paths the Detroit Pistons can end up taking with this selection. In the end, I firmly believe Zaccharie Risacher is going to eventually separate himself as the No. 1 overall prospect. From a team-building perspective, Risacher is a prospect that fits on the Pistons too. If the Pistons don't want to completely blow up their core, Risacher is a player who could potentially be added in hopes of this team finally beginning to click heading into next season.

It'd be far from a guarantee, but Risacher is one of the few prospects in this year's draft class that carries superstar potential.