NBA Playoffs: Ranking 8 hottest and most dangerous teams clicking at right time

Who are the hottest and most dangerous team heading into the 2024 NBA Playoffs?
Atlanta Hawks v Philadelphia 76ers
Atlanta Hawks v Philadelphia 76ers / Mitchell Leff/GettyImages
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6. Dallas Mavericks

Over the last month-plus of the regular season, it's almost as if something has begun to click for the Dallas Mavericks. Since March 7, the Mavs have looked like a completely different team. Heading into the NBA Playoffs, the Mavs have gotten hot at just the right time. Over the last month-plus of the season, the Mavs are 16-4. Perhaps what has been most important for the Mavs over this stretch is the fact that they're playing elite defense. The Mavs were always going to be considered a dangerous offensive team with Luka Doncic and Kyrie Irving. However, it's their defense that has truly improved of late.

And if the Mavs can carry that trend in the NBA Playoffs, it's certainly something that could help spark a deep playoff run. Right off the bat, the Mavs are going to be put to the test against the LA Clippers in the first round.

As one of the most talented rosters on paper, it'll be interesting to see how the red-hot Mavs are able to match up with the Clippers.