NBA Power Rankings: Are the New York Knicks equipped to take down Boston Celtics?

Are the New York Knicks the second-best team in the Eastern Conference at the midway point of the season?
Minnesota Timberwolves v New York Knicks
Minnesota Timberwolves v New York Knicks / Mitchell Leff/GettyImages
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In the latest edition of our NBA Power Rankings, we explore if the New York Knicks are now equipped to take down the Boston Celtics after their acquisition of OG Anunoby.

Nearing the midway point of the season, we have a strong indication of what the championship picture looks like in both conferences. Even with the NBA Trade Deadline on the horizon, it's going to be hard for any team to jump into the top tier of the league. However, there's one team that may have made the leap over the last couple of weeks - the New York Knicks.

After making the move for OG Anunoby, the Knicks are looking more and more like a legitimate championship contender in the Eastern Conference. Looking at their personnel, with the opportunity to add to it with another move at the trade deadline, it's not out of the realm of possibility for the Knicks to emerge as the biggest threat to the Boston Celtics in the East heading into the playoffs.

That will be answered over the last few months of the season but the early indications are encouraging for the Knicks. We explore this topic and more in the latest edition of our NBA Power Rankings.

30. Detroit Pistons

The good news is that the Detroit Pistons are no longer on the tragically historic losing streak. The bad news is that they appear to be on their way to another lengthy skid. If there is a silver lining for this season, it's the fact that the Pistons are going to be in a position to make some difficult decisions this offseason without hesitation.

For a team that is likely going to win less than 10 games on the season, I'm not sure there can be any untouchables on the roster. Heading into the offseason, everything and anything will be on the table for the Pistons.