NBA Report Cards: Celtics pass with flying colors; Warriors lack an identity

Handing out NBA regular season report cards as we flip the page to the start of the NBA Playoffs.
Utah Jazz v Golden State Warriors
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San Antonio Spurs

Regular season grade: C+

For much of the year, the San Antonio Spurs were one of the bigger stories of the non-playoff teams in the NBA. Victor Wembanyama, the team's No. 1 overall pick, is a big reason why. Over the course of the season, if it wasn't already apparent, it became clear that Wemby is going to be a force in this league for a very long time. He's a budding superstar who has no ceiling as he continues to develop. Wemby ran away with the NBA's Rookie of the Year award and there will be tremendous hype heading into his second season in the NBA.

Because of his developing greatness, the Spurs remained a headlining team in the league despite their porous record. But because these are regular season grades, I couldn't give the Spurs too high of a mark. Even though they showed encouraging signs for the future, the Spurs still finished with one of the worst records in the NBA.

Sure the Spurs have a bright future but there's no question that they still have plenty of team development to do if they're going to factor in the Western Conference next season.