NBA Rumors: 1 All-Star guard Los Angeles Lakers most likely to pursue trade for

The Los Angeles Lakers are preparing to go star hunting, once again, this summer.
Los Angeles Lakers v Indiana Pacers
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NBA Rumors: As the Los Angeles Lakers prepare to make another move for a star player, there's one name that continues to be linked to the team.

No matter what happens in the NBA playoffs for the Los Angeles Lakers, there's no question that they're going to head into the offseason with the priority of continuing to add to the core next to LeBron James and Anthony Davis. And if there's one thing that has become clear over the last couple of seasons, it's the fact that the Lakers are likely going to need to add a third star if they're going to have any shots to re-emerge as a championship contender in the Western Conference.

Because of that, the overwhelming thought is that the Lakers are going to go star-hunting this offseason. In fact, it was reported a few weeks ago that the Lakers decided to hold onto their assets at the NBA Trade Deadline in an attempt to make way for a big move this offseason. Of course, it's one thing to prepare for a big move and actually pull one off. But that's the task the Lakers will have heading into the summer.

According to multiple reports, the Lakers are expected to pursue a star. That part is not surprising by any means. Adding to those obvious whispers, according to one Lakers insider, there is one All-Star guard who continues to be connected to the Lakers. And that's Atlanta Hawks point guard Trae Young.

Trae Young would be an excellent fit on the Los Angeles Lakers

As a player that the Atlanta Hawks could end up trading at some point during the offseason, Young would be a natural fit for the Lakers. He's a star that would fit next to LeBron and AD and one that could also potentially bridge the gap toward a post-LeBron era in Los Angeles. if the Lakers are looking to make a big splash in the offseason, they may not be a better and more realistic option than Young.

Of course, that's under the assumption that the Atlanta Hawks are going to be open to retooling their roster this summer. That's far from a guarantee despite the recent reporting that's surrounding the Hawks.

In fact, the Lakers would have to put together quite an appealing offer in order for the Hawks to even consider it. If it does come to fruition, though, the Lakers would be a great spot for Young. Heading into the offseason, the question is, can the Lakers pull off such a move? If they could, there's no question this is the level of trade that would catapult them back into contender status in the Western Conference.

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