NBA Rumors: 1 ‘Bad’ contract every team must explore trading this offseason

Every team in the NBA will at least explore trading one 'bad' contract they currently have on their books heading into the offseason.
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San Antonio Spurs

Bad contract to explore trading: Zach Collins (2 years, $35 million)

Looking at the San Antonio Spurs cap sheet over the next few years, it's difficult to pinpoint what could be described as a "bad" contract for the team. Nevertheless, for the sake of this exercise, I fell upon Zach Collins as a player the Spurs should look to trade this upcoming offseason. Even though Collins' $35 million over the next two seasons doesn't qualify as a terrible deal, with Victor Wembanyama commanding the interior for the team, it does make his services a bit overstated.

As the Spurs began to look to build around Wemby heading into the future, Collins is a player who could likely be on the outside looking in. Add in the fact that he also doesn't fit into Wemby's long-term timeline and he becomes a natural trade candidate for the Spurs this summer.

Whether or not he will actually be traded remains to be seen, but he's the type of player that the Spurs could use in a deal to land an All-Star talent that would fit better alongside Wemby moving forward.