NBA Rumors: 1 ‘Bad’ contract every team must explore trading this offseason

Every team in the NBA will at least explore trading one 'bad' contract they currently have on their books heading into the offseason.
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Utah Jazz

Bad contract to explore trading: John Collins (2 years, $52 million)

Entering the offseason, the Utah Jazz have a hope of finding an All-Star talent that they could place next to Lauri Markkanen as they look to take a step forward in the Western Conference. If the early reports are true, this is a team that could end up being quite aggressive this summer. However, if the Jazz is going to land an All-Star talent via trade or free agency, there's no question that they're likely going to have to part ways with John Collins.

As a player who has the worst contract on the roster, Collins, who is still due over $50 million over the next two seasons, is no longer the player he once was when he signed this original contract. The Jazz took a flyer on Collins as a potential player who could rebound from his struggles over the last few years in Atlanta. It's safe to say, that hasn't panned out.

Even though he had his bright spots throughout the season this year, it's safe to say that Collins is no longer the budding star that he was a couple of seasons ago. If the Jazz can trade him this summer, it could go a long way in Utah opening a pathway toward adding an all-star player down the line with the cap it would open up.