NBA Rumors: 1 Surprising reason why Donovan Mitchell is likely to re-sign with Cavs

There's one huge reason why Donovan Mitchell is likely to re-sign with the Cleveland Cavaliers this offseason.
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NBA Rumors: One big surprising reason why Donovan Mitchell is likely to re-sign with the Cleveland Cavaliers has been revealed.

As the NBA offseason quickly approaches, the eyes across the league continue to fall squarely on Donovan Mitchell and the Cleveland Cavaliers. With a huge decision on the horizon, Mitchell must decide if he's ready to commit long-term to the Cavs or if he's ready to hit the trade block. If Mitchell doesn't sign a contract extension this summer, the overwhelming belief is that the Cavs will trade him this offseason.

Expectedly, the Cavs have done everything they can to sell Mitchell on the future of the team. Part of that "selling" has included giving Mitchell a strong position of power when it comes to the organization - something that has become a rarity in the modern NBA.

According to ESPN's Brian Windhorst, Mitchell has a huge influence in the Cavs' organization at the moment - perhaps even greater than what LeBron James currently has with the Los Angeles Lakers. You'd have to think that it's one of the bigger reasons why Mitchell will likely end up re-signing with Cleveland this summer.

The Cleveland Cavaliers are doing everything they can to keep Donovan Mitchell

Even though it's far from a guarantee, it's hard to imagine any team out there prepared and willing to give Mitchell that level of power. The question is, how much does Mitchell value power and influence? If that's something he has truly appreciated during his time in Cleveland, then perhaps his decision becomes all that easier. But we don't know that. He has to like it, but is that the greatest force in coming to a decision about his future? Who knows.

The dynamic between Mitchell and the Cavs is one of the driving forces heading into the offseason that will dictate much of how the rest of the league operates. If Mitchell ends up declining a long-term extension, it will likely spark an all-out bidding war on the trade market. And even if Mitchell does accept an extension, it will likely play a big part in many other teams' plans this summer.

Until a decision is made, Mitchell will remain one of the bigger talking points heading into the NBA offseason. At least for now, it seems like the Cavs are doing everything they can to re-sign Mitchell. The decision is now in the hands of Mitchell.

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