NBA Rumors: 11 Extremely bold predictions as the start of NBA Free Agency arrives

11 Bold predictions with the start of the NBA Free Agency period finally here.
New York Knicks v Chicago Bulls
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The Chicago Bulls will not trade Zach LaVine

Heading into the NBA offseason, it was clear that one of the bigger priorities for the Chicago Bulls revolved around finding a new landing spot for Zach LaVine. However, as the start of NBA Free Agency arrives, the Bulls still haven't found a deal for LaVine. At this point, you have to question if the Bulls are even going to trade LaVine. And after trading for Josh Giddey before the NBA Draft, I'd lean toward the Bulls not trading LaVine. Unless something drastic changes, I believe there's a chance Chicago could enter the offseason with the idea of giving a Giddey-LaVine duo a shot at least to start the season.

Maybe it doesn't work and the Bulls decide to trade LaVine at the NBA Trade Deadline, but there's reason to believe that Chicago may not be as aggressive in their pursuits of a LaVine trade as they previously were. The Bulls may not be in a huge rush to pull a move after all.

Either way, the Bulls are certainly a team to keep an eye on as we move forward into the offseason. At least for now, I wouldn't expect LaVine to be traded.