NBA Rumors: 14 Notable remaining free agents still on the board after initial frenzy

There is still a collection of notable free agents on the board after the initial NBA offseason frenzy.
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Gordon Hayward

As arguably the biggest of names still on the open free agent market, Gordon Hayward is likely going to end up signing for the minimum, if not for slightly more, heading into next season. And at this point in his career, that makes a ton of sense. Hayward is no longer in the prime years of his career and while he could still provide value as a versatile veteran wing, he's not in a place where he could emerge as a pivotal piece of a contender team anymore. But joining a contender in a swiss army knife type of role could be what's next for Hayward.

I still believe that Hayward could end up joining a team like the Boston Celtics heading into next season. That would be the exact definition of the rich getting richer and would be borderline unfair. But if Hayward is serious about pursuing a championship as he approaches the end of his career, signing with a team like the Celtics for the minimum could be the move.

Considering he could consider having some "unfinished" business in Boston, it's certainly a team to keep an eye out for as Hayward prepares to handpick his next destination.