NBA Rumors: 15 Bold but completely realistic predictions heading into 2024 NBA Draft

A few bold predictions for the 2024 NBA Draft.
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The Brandon Ingram trade whispers will reach a fever pitch

One of the bigger storylines that will arise in the NBA heading into the offseason revolves around a potential trade of Brandon Ingram. Already considered an All-Star talent that many across the league "expect" to be traded, Ingram is one particular player who is already on the trade radar before the official start of the offseason. Taking it a step further, I predict that on draft night, the trade whispers surrounding Ingram will reach a fever pitch. I'm not sure if the New Orleans Pelicans will move forward with trading Ingram on NBA Draft night, but there will certainly be plenty of chatter revolving around the possibility of it happening.

If the Pelicans do enter the draft night with the intention of trading Ingram, there should be plenty of suitors. Even though Ingram is looking for a contract extension, he does still have one year left on his contract. That could be appealing to teams looking for a final piece of their respective championship puzzles.

Even if he does emerge as just a rental piece, there are several teams out there that may be willing to take the gamble on a move for Ingram.