NBA Rumors: 2 Players are off-limits as the Spurs look to upgrade roster via trade

The San Antonio Spurs are preparing to make some upgrades to their roster this offseason.
San Antonio Spurs v Memphis Grizzlies
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NBA Rumors: There are two players that are considered untouchable as the San Antonio Spurs prepare to upgrade the roster via trade this offseason.

After a successful first season in the NBA in which he won the NBA's Rookie of the Year, all eyes are on Victor Wembanyama as he prepares for his first full offseason in San Antonio and his sophomore year in the Association. However, if Wemby is going to make the complete jump in his progression that many are expecting him to make, he's going to need to be put in the best position to succeed. And you'd have to imagine that he'll need to be surrounded by the right pieces to do so.

That's why heading into the offseason, there is a certain level of pressure that the Spurs and their front office will be operating with. San Antonio needs to figure out how to place Wemby in the best position to succeed as they explore upgrading their roster this summer.

Assuming the Spurs are going to explore upgrading their roster, which will likely have to come via trade, there will be plenty of options. The question is, will San Antonio be willing to part ways with the pieces that it will take to get a deal done? One thing we do know for now, according to a recent report, is that if the Spurs do end up exploring a trade to upgrade the roster, there will be two players on the team who are considered untouchables.

First, is one you may have assumed - Wemby. The second player that the Spurs are considering off-limits via trade this offseason is Devin Vassell.

Who could be on the San Antonio Spurs' radar this offseason?

Both Wemby and Vassell appear to be key building blocks for the team moving forward and seem to complement each other. What other pieces could help this team compete in the Western Conference this upcoming season? I'd look no further than the backcourt. If the Spurs can find a way to significantly upgrade the backcourt, it could go a long way in this team emerging as a real threat to make noise in the West.

Finding a primary playmaker to take some of the offensive pressure off Wemby could be huge for his ultimate development as a player. It remains to be seen if Trae Young emerges as a player the Spurs truly target this summer, but he's certainly a name to keep an eye on.

There could be other more veteran options as well, including a player like Chris Paul. However, in terms of long-term building, it would make more sense for the team to target a young option.

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