NBA Rumors: 3 Biggest threats to pry Paul George away from LA Clippers this offseason

Which teams could seemingly pry Paul George away from the LA Clippers this offseason?

Los Angeles Clippers v Minnesota Timberwolves
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NBA Rumors: Exploring the three biggest threats to sign Paul George away from the LA Clippers this offseason.

Heading into the offseason, Paul George could very well be the biggest name that genuinely tests the free agency market. While the overwhelming expectation is that he will eventually re-sign with the LA Clippers, it is a bit eye-opening that it hasn't happened yet. And there are recent rumblings that suggest PG could be at least open to the possibility of signing with another team in free agency this summer.

Objectively speaking, there are some signs that point to PG testing the free agency as the smart move for him this offseason.

Why Paul George may be ready for a change of scenery in the NBA

When Paul George originally was acquired by the LA Clippers roughly five years ago, the hope was that he would be competing for titles alongside Kawhi Leonard. For a myriad of reasons, that hasn't exactly happened throughout their tenure together. The Clippers have made one conference finals over the last five years but a Kawhi injury completely ended their NBA Finals hopes that season.

Since then, it's been slim pickings for the Clippers, with just one playoff appearance in each of the last two seasons. All in all, it's hard to label PG's tenure with the Clippers as a success. That could open the door to the possibility of change. If PG isn't sold on LA's future and they're subjected to another early playoff loss this season, perhaps he could view this summer as his last chance to handpick a genuine chance to win a title before the end of his career.

If PG has any hesitations about signing long-term with the Clippers this offseason, three teams could possibly change his mind and pry him away in free agency.