NBA Rumors: 5 Non-star trade targets who could transform Lakers into contenders

The Los Angeles Lakers may not have to acquire a star player to emerge as championship contenders next season.
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NBA Rumors: Exploring five non-star trade targets that would help transform the Los Angeles Lakers into championship contenders next season.

It's no secret that the Los Angeles Lakers are going to head into the NBA offseason with the priority of trying to acquire a third All-Star player to complement LeBron James and Anthony Davis as the team looks for the final piece of their championship puzzle. However, as it often is, that could end up being a lot easier said than done. In fact, I'd argue there's a better chance that the Lakers aren't able to trade for an All-Star player this offseason.

If the Lakers do run into some trouble on that front, there could be some other non-star players that are still worth pursuing. As we inch closer and closer to the offseason, we explore five non-star trade targets that could still help transform the Lakers into a championship contender next season.

Malcolm Brogdon, Portland Trail Blazers

Looking at the Lakers' roster, most of the team's struggle falls on their inconsistent backcourt. Adding a combo guard like Malcolm Brogdon wouldn't solve all of their issues but could go a long way in helping the team find some consistent veteran experience in the backcourt.

Acquiring Brogdon wouldn't break the bank and would give the Lakers another quality option next to D'Angelo Russell (if he elects to stay around). If the Lakers are looking for a cheap option in the backcourt, Brogdon could end up being the move.