NBA Rumors: 6 Teams that should rethink their futures if they flop in the Playoffs

There are a few teams that should rethink their futures if they end up flopping in the NBA Playoffs.
Miami Heat v Cleveland Cavaliers
Miami Heat v Cleveland Cavaliers / Jason Miller/GettyImages
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Miami Heat

Short of another miracle playoff run, the Miami Heat is likely going to be subjected to an early playoff exit. That is if they even make it there. With the way, things are looking, they're likely going to have to win their way into the final top 8 in the East playoff field via the Play-In Tournament. If the Heat does end up back to the drawing board this offseason, they have to take a long look at completely retooling the roster around Bam Adebayo. Basically, hitting the eject button on the Jimmy build.

Jimmy Butler is still the primary piece on this roster, but he's quickly aging, and we've already begun to see some early signs of Father Time in his game. There might be a difficult decision that needs to be placed this offseason in which the Heat has to decide whether they can put enough around Jimmy to warrant giving him a long-term extension or if it is indeed time to move on from him and to start this rebuild around some of the younger players on their roster.

Some may say this is a good problem for the Heat to have but I'm not sure this front office is ready to make such a pivot away from Jimmy. Ideally, the Heat would be able to land another All-Star player as a final piece of the championship puzzle. However, after missing out on Damian Lillard and Bradley Beal this past offseason, that doesn't seem likely heading into the summer.