NBA Rumors: 8 Trade targets Lakers could pivot to after missing out on free agents

What other moves could the Los Angeles Lakers pivot to this offseason?
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Jerami Grant, Portland Trail Blazers

The Los Angeles Lakers have been linked to Jerami Grant in the past and I'd imagine he's been a subject of conversations in the front office as a player they could continue to move forward in targeting this offseason. In theory, he helps upgrade the Lakers' talent pool. The concern that the Lakers could have is that he may not be an ideal fit of what the team needs. Ideally, the Lakers would be able to land a playmaking guard to help balance out the talent in the starting 5. Adding another power forward may not be the smartest move for the Lakers this summer.

At the same time, it may be the team's only real option for adding tangible talent. Unless Anthony Davis is willing to play the center position on a full-time basis, this is a deal that may not be in the team's best interest. However, the Lakers are the ones that know the answer to that question for sure.

If AD is ready to be a center, Grant does make sense. But considering he's shied away from that type of role in the past, that's far from a guarantee.