NBA Rumors: All signs pointing toward Donovan Mitchell re-signing with Cavs?

Things are trending in the right direction for the Cleveland Cavaliers on the Donovan Mitchell front.
Boston Celtics v Cleveland Cavaliers - Game Four
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NBA Rumors: As the NBA offseason quickly approaches, it's looking more and more as if Donovan Mitchell is going to re-sign with the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Just a few weeks ago, it seemed as somewhat of a foregone conclusion that Donovan Mitchell was going to weigh at least the option of exploring other options - whether that came via trade this offseason or in free agency next summer. However, even after the Cleveland Cavaliers have been eliminated from the NBA Playoffs, that doesn't appear to be the case any longer.

Over the last few weeks, things around Mitchell and the Cavs have trended in the opposite direction. In fact, at this point, it would seem that all signs seem to point to Mitchell agreeing to a contract extension with the Cavs. And the latest of such signs could come in the way of the Cavs firing J.B. Bickerstaff. This is likely a move that reinforces the confidence that the Cavs have in their ability to agree to a contract extension with Mitchell.

And the noise surrounding this possibility has only grown more and more. About a month ago, the talk surrounding the Cavs and Mitchell centered around possible trade destinations and deals that could be made. Now, we've heard the narrative change more toward the Cavs potentially making moves that would help build more effectively around Mitchell.

That's a pretty stark change. And if the league is beginning to talk about potential moves that the Cavs could make that don't involve Mitchell, that should be a strong indication that there's a growing belief that suggests he is strongly considering extending his contract with the team this offseason.

What moves could come next for the Cleveland Cavaliers?

If the Cavs do end up signing Mitchell to an extension, it could open the door for other moves for the team. There have been whispers that Cleveland could end up trading Darius Garland and/or Jarrett Allen for pieces that would fit better around Mitchell. I don't think that's by coincidence.

Over the past few months, there was this assumption that the Cavs were going to be featured as a prominent player in the offseason. I don't think that changes much even if Mitchell were to sign an extension.

Even without Mitchell on the trade block, the Cavs could still make some big moves this summer. Either way, it appears that there could be some big changes on the way for Cleveland.

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