NBA Rumors: Brooklyn Nets have declined godfather trade offers for Mikal Bridges?

The Brooklyn Nets don't appear prepared to trade Mikal Bridges this offseason.
Atlanta Hawks v Brooklyn Nets
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NBA Rumors: At least for now, it doesn't appear as if the Brooklyn Nets are ready to trade Mikal Bridges this offseason.

The Brooklyn Nets are one of those third or fourth-tier teams in the Eastern Conference that will be looking to make a big splash during the offseason. While that could prove to be easier said than done, it won't go without trying this summer.

While there has been some recent speculation that the Nets could pivot toward a rebuild if they're unable to land another All-Star talent to play next to Bridges, Brooklyn's recent behavior doesn't echo that sentiment at all, which leads you to believe that the Nets will very much be buyers and not sellers this summer.

According to a recent report, the Nets have rebuffed all trade offers for Bridges. Some of these have included a plethora of future first-round picks. It's safe to say that, at least for the moment, the Nets have no plans of trading Bridges this offseason.

A few teams have been linked to Mikal Bridges in the past

At this point, there have to have been several teams interested in making a trade for Mikal Bridges. It was reported after this past year's NBA Trade Deadline that the Houston Rockets were interested in making a Jalen Green for Bridges swap. As you would expect, the Nets weren't very interested in that possibility.

Additionally, the New York Knicks are another team that has been named as a potential landing spot for Bridges. They are viewed as a team that could be considered one piece away from emerging as a championship contender and Bridges could certainly be that missing piece for the team. New York also has the assets that you would expect to be needed to pull off a deal for Bridges.

It would be a healthy assumption to believe that it was one of these two teams that made a "godfather" offer of picks to the Nets for Bridges. At least for now, the Nets are budging. It'll be interesting to see if that changes at all as we get deeper and deeper into the offseason - perhaps if the Nets aren't able to lure another star to play a lead role next to Bridges.

At that point, the Nets would be forced to have a conversation about possibly trading Bridges in an attempt to jumpstart a new rebuild.

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