NBA Rumors: Nets owner hints that trading Mikal Bridges could be on the table

How likely is it for the Brooklyn Nets to pivot and trade Mikal Bridges this offseason?
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NBA Rumors: Did the Brooklyn Nets owner just hint that trading Mikal Bridges in the table heading into the NBA offseason?

After failing to qualify for the NBA Play-In Tournament and the NBA Playoffs as a whole in the Eastern Conference this past season, the Brooklyn Nets will head into the offseason with some big questions to answer about their future. The most important one revolves around how they want to move forward in their current build. Or, perhaps more specifically, what is the next step for the Nets as they look to enter the next phase of basketball for the franchise?

In an ideal world, the Nets would be able to target and land a star player to complement their core of Mikal Bridges, Cameron Johnson, and Nic Claxton. However, that's far from a guarantee. If the Nets do run into some trouble in landing a star player this summer, whether that's via free agency or trade, it could lead to even bigger questions for the team - including whether a full-blown rebuild might be a better option for the team moving forward.

And during a recent press conference, Nets owner Joe Tsai seemed to hint at that possibility for the team heading into the offseason. Specifically, Tsai mentioned how the Nets are planning on taking a "longer-term approach" this offseason in hopes of building a sustainable winner. If that's what I think it means, it could point to a trade of Bridges on the table heading into the offseason.

Could there be an all-out bidding war for Mikal Bridges this offseason?

If the Nets are at least open to the idea of trading Bridges, this would be huge news. For a player that many didn't believe would hit the trade block this offseason, this is a stark change from what has been reported over the last few months in regard to Brooklyn's future plans.

Nevertheless, it is quite interesting that this message came from the owner. Even though I don't believe these remarks 100 percent indicate that the Nets are going to enter the offseason with the priority of trading Bridges, I also believe this means: "Bring me your best offers for Bridges."

And if the Nets are blown away by an offer, we could very see Bridges on the move.

If nothing else, this speculation is only going to add to the chaos that could end up taking place this offseason.

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