NBA Rumors: Golden State Warriors 'wild horse' for superstar trade deadline candidate

The Golden State Warriors may need to make a big move at the NBA Trade Deadline to get back on track this season.
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NBA Rumors: The Golden State Warriors could be preparing to make a big move for a supestar trade candidate at the deadline.

Roughly a week or two away from the official midway point of the 2023-24 NBA regular season, it's been everything but smooth sailing for the Golden State Warriors. Through 35 games this season, the Warriors are 17-18 and clinging to the 10th seed in the Western Conference standings. After making a run to the Western Conference semifinals last season, after a disappointing regular season, the hope was that the Warriors would reemerge as a contender in the West this season.

So far, that hasn't been the case for Golden State. In fact, at this point, there's more evidence of the Warriors retooling or blowing up their roster than adding a piece at the NBA Trade Deadline that could help salvage the season. A month out from the deadline, the Warriors need to make some big decisions.

But if the Warriors aren't going to enter a rebuild, they'll likely have to make a huge move for a star-level talent if they're going to have any shot to salvage the season. Even that is no guarantee.

Interestingly enough, according to a recent report, the Warriors have emerged as a "wild horse" potential landing spot to make a big move for Pascal Siakam.

The Toronto Raptors are widely expected to trade Siakam before the NBA Trade Deadline and the Warriors, in theory, would be a great fit. However, finding a path to a deal will be the true hurdle for the Warriors in landing Siakam.

What could a Golden State Warriors offer for Pascal Siakam look like?

The Warriors don't have a ton of draft capital to include in a Siakam trade and would have to build a trade package around some of their young players and salary fillers. With as much of a trade market as there's expected to be for Siakam, there's no guarantee that the Warriors would have enough to get a deal done.

Nevertheless, here's a competitive package that the Warriors could theoretically make for Siakam:

warriors siakam trade

Depending on how the rest of the market develops, this could be an increasingly competitive offer the Warriors can make. But this is also under the assumption that Golden State would be willing to include all of their young players in a potential offer and if the Raptors are willing to take on the remainder of Wiggins' contract.

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If the Warriors are able to land Siakam at the trade deadline, this is the type of move that can completely change the trajectory of the Warriors' season. However, at this point, that's a big "if."