NBA Rumors: How LA Clippers could spoil another offseason for the Los Angeles Lakers

The LA Clippers could be on the verge of spoiling another offseason for the Los Angeles Lakers.
Utah Jazz v Los Angeles Clippers
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NBA Rumors: The LA Clippers could spoil another start to the NBA offseason for the Los Angeles Lakers.

Back in 2019, with Kawhi Leonard hitting free agency after winning it all with the Toronto Raptors, many knew his preference was to sign with a team in Los Angeles. The big question was whether he would choose to join the LA Clippers or Los Angeles Lakers. In the end, the Clippers won out as they acquired Paul George and then closed the deal on Kawhi. The Lakers were left standing without a supporting star next to LeBron James.

History wasn't that harsh to the Lakers as a few months later, they would acquire Anthony Davis and then would go on to win the 2020 NBA Championship. Nevertheless, everything could've been a whole lot simpler had they originally signed Kawhi.

Heading into the 2024 NBA offseason, the Clippers could be ready to spoil the Lakers' plans again. It was recently reported that while the Lakers have interest in current Clippers head coach Ty Lue, LA is, as you would expect, planning to block them from have any type of conversation.

Ty Lue and the LA Clippers might be locked in

With one year remaining on his contract, the Clippers can legally do this, which puts the Lakers in an unfortunate position. It was also recently reported that Lue would be LeBron James' dream selection to be the next head coach for the Lakers.

Now, assuming the Clippers are going to follow through with not allowing the Lakers to talk to Lue, the only way they could seemingly hire him is if Lue approaches the Clippers and negotiates a buyout or is fired.

Short of Lue completely pivoting away from what he's said recently about his coaching future, it would be completely surprising if the Lakers found a way to hire Lue as their next head coach. While it doesn't completely derail the Lakers' offseason, it will certainly stop some of their momentum.

Heading into the offseason, the Lakers' priorities revolved around hiring a proven, worthy head coach to replace Darvin Ham and then finding another All-Star player to stick next to LeBron and AD. The official start to the NBA offseason isn't even here yet and the Lakers may already be 0-1 on that front.

The Lakers obviously have other options on their radar as the team's next head coach, but I'd be personally surprised if Lue wasn't at the top of that list. Especially considering he was one of the candidates that LeBron was squarely behind.

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