NBA Rumors: Insider notes East contender could be trade suitor for Jimmy Butler

The Cleveland Cavaliers could be a team to keep an eye on if Jimmy Butler hits the trade block.
Miami Heat v Philadelphia 76ers - Play-In Tournament
Miami Heat v Philadelphia 76ers - Play-In Tournament / Tim Nwachukwu/GettyImages

NBA Rumors: An NBA insider believes that the Cleveland Cavaliers could emerge as a possible trade suitor for Jimmy Butler.

The Miami Heat isn't going to head into the offseason with the intention of trading Jimmy Butler but that could quickly change. It's been pretty documented that Jimmy wants a contract extension from the Heat this offseason and if he isn't given one, it could certainly complicate things for the two sides heading into the summer.

If Jimmy doesn't get the extension that he's looking for, there's a non-zero chance that he could end up demanding a trade away from the team. While we're still a few steps away from that nightmarish scenario for Miami, it's certainly not completely off the table heading into the offseason. At this point, the Heat should be prepared if it were to happen.

The good news for the Heat is that even if they're forced to explore Jimmy's trade market, there should be plenty of suitors. And according to a recent report, one NBA insider tends to believe that the Cleveland Cavaliers could emerge as a sleeper landing spot for Jimmy.

Would the Miami Heat trade Jimmy Butler?

Deep down, I still don't believe the Heat ends up trading Jimmy. I can't even fathom Miami even considering this possibility. This is a franchise that has prided itself on not rebuilding when they don't have to. At least for now, the Heat isn't in a place where they HAVE to rebuild. They could retool around their core and still be incredibly competitive in the Eastern Conference. Trading Jimmy would likely spell the end of their championship chances in the East.

The Heat rarely makes such a move and I can't imagine they're going to start now.

But if it were to happen, I'd imagine that team would have another big move lined up. If Jimmy were to be moved, Miami likely would have another corresponding move for a star player in the cards. The last thing the Heat needs is to take a huge step back in the East. If Miami is looking to make a big move this offseason, there are several other possibilities the Heat can explore before they feel forced to trade Jimmy.

Nevertheless, there's no question the Heat is about to enter a future-defining offseason. At this point, you have to assume changes are coming to Miami's roster. The big question is, will they include a trade of Jimmy or not?

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