NBA Rumors: Klay Thompson leaving the Warriors is becoming more of a possibility

Perhaps Klay Thompson could end up leaving the Golden State Warriors in free agency.
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NBA Rumors: It's becoming more and more of a possibility that Klay Thompson could leave the Golden State Warriors in free agency.

The Golden State Warriors don't intend on rebuilding their roster this offseason but that doesn't there can't be big changes. One of those big changes could include Klay Thompson leaving. Set to test the free-agent market, there's no guarantee that he'll be re-signed by the Warriors this offseason.

In a perfect world, the Warriors and Klay would be able to find a middle ground to keep him in Golden State. However, there continue to be more and more signs that point to his potential departure this offseason.

Klay Thompson is preparing to leave Golden State?

Klay unfollowed the Warriors on Instagram and there are some around the league believe it could be a sign of more things to come regarding a potential divorce between the two sides. Klay is an impending free agent and the two sides appear to be far apart in terms of contract extension discusions.

With the start of free agency two weeks away, it's only natural to believe that there's a growing possibility that Klay could leave Golden State this offseason. And the signs continue to point in that direction as it has also been reported there are several teams that could be interested in his services.

As one of the premier free agents set to hit the open market in July, it's hard not to consider Klay playing for another team a real possibility at this point. The big question is whether Golden State's offer to Klay will change over the next two weeks. That's what could ultimately broker an extension between the two.

That may or may not come. And if it doesn't, the lure of one of the young risking teams with cap space could be enough to get Klay to turn in his Warriors uniform. The Orlando Magic and Oklahoma City Thunder are two teams that could theoretically make a big move for Klay. Both have a need on the wing and would be excellent fits for Klay at this point in his career. If either one of those teams offers Klay a max contract in free agency, one that doesn't appear to be coming from Golden State, it could make for an interesting decision.

At the very least, it's an interesting storyline to keep in mind. Klay leaving the Warriors could be a greater possibility than perhaps many believe.

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