NBA Rumors: Orlando Magic linked to 2 big name free agents as offseason approaches

Could the Orlando Magic score a big-name free agent this offseason?
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NBA Rumors: The Orlando Magic have been linked once again to two big-name free agents as the NBA offseason quickly approaches.

After making a return to the NBA Playoffs this past season, the Orlando Magic will be looking to take another step forward this offseason in hopes of emerging next season as a possible dark horse championship contender. Looking to add to their core around Paolo Banchero and Franz Wagner, the Magic could have plenty of options at their disposal this summer.

One way the Magic could theoretically upgrade their roster is by targeting one of the big-name free agents. And as a team that continues to be linked to the likes of Paul George and Klay Thompson, it's beginning to look more and more as if that possibility is not completely out of the question.

The question is, are the Magic being used as leverage or are they a real threat to sign one of these big-name free agents this offseason?

Could the Orlando Magic realistically land one of the big-name free agents this offseason?

Even though it seems that the Magic are continually linked to both of these big-name free agents, there's still something in the back of my mind that tells me this could all be a game of chicken that PG's and Klay's agents are playing with their incumbent teams. It's clear that in an ideal world, both PG and Klay would remain with LA and Golden State, respectively, if they got the big-money extension offers that they believe they're worth.

But because they haven't been offered them, we're beginning to see some smoke towards a potential free-agency fire. I don't completely buy the odds that PG or Klay would ultimately leave their current situations in free agency. But even if they did for one reason or another, I also wouldn't put the Magic atop their lists.

For as good of a situation as the Magic are at the moment, I have a hard time believing that two 34-year-olds are going to look at the young Magic as possibly their final spot in their career where they would have the best chance to win one more championship. Or, in the case of PG, his first.

Maybe it happens. I just can't see it right now. But, if nothing else, the Magic have certainly become a team to keep an eye on heading into the offseason. They're ripe to make a big move. They have trade assets, cap space, and an appealing young core.

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