NBA Rumors: Klay Thompson makes free agency priorities crystal clear

All eyes will be on Klay Thompson heading into the offseason. He makes his free agency plans clear.
Golden State Warriors v Charlotte Hornets
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NBA Rumors: As we inch closer and closer to the start of the NBA offseason, Klay Thompson makes his free agency priorities crystal clear.

Heading into the NBA offseason, one of the bigger storylines that will end up driving the summer revolves around the Golden State Warriors and Klay Thompson. After another disappointing regular season, no matter what happens in the NBA playoffs, you'd have to imagine that there could be some big changes coming to the Warriors franchise.

One of those big changes could revolve around Thompson, who is in line to test free agency this summer. As his contract expires, there are many questions surrounding his future not only in the NBA but also with the Warriors.

In a perfect world, the Warriors and Thompson would be able to figure out a happy medium in which they could keep this successful marriage going. However, the NBA is a business first and many times, ideal scenarios aren't able to play out. Especially when it comes to free agency.

That said, Thompson has made it clear that one of his priorities this offseason is to re-sign with Golden State. He said as much in a recent interview with Draymond Green. At the same time, he also noted that he will also seek what's best for him and his current situation.

What will Klay Thompson do this offseason?

It's hard to predict what exactly Thompson is thinking or what he'll do heading into free agency. However, I think this quote in this interview is as genuine as it gets for a player heading into the unknown. Sure, Thompson wants to re-sign with the Warriors. Why wouldn't he? He's had the best memories of his basketball career playing for the Warriors.

But, at the same time, Thompson was also honest about needing to put himself and his family first as he prepares for the unknown that free agency is. In a perfect world, Thompson would be able to re-sign with the Warriors while checking all the boxes he has in terms of money, contract length, etc. heading into the summer.

However, the reality is, there's a chance that doesn't happen this offseason. Even though Thompson has made it clear he wants to re-sign with the Warriors, there's a non-zero chance that he does end up signing with a new team. That's the cruel reality of the NBA. And, from all indications, it seems as if Thompson is beginning to work through that as he prepares for free agency.

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