NBA Rumors: LA Clippers reveal their new brand identity, which includes new logo

The LA Clippers have officially rebranded with a new logo, jerseys, and court design set to debut in 2024-25.

Sacramento Kings v Los Angeles Clippers
Sacramento Kings v Los Angeles Clippers / Katelyn Mulcahy/GettyImages

NBA Rumors: The LA Clippers officially rebrand with a new logo, jerseys, and court design that is set to take effect in 2024-25.

The LA Clippers are going to have a new look next season and the first look at the team's official rebranding has been released.

As the team explored rebranding, interestingly enough the Clippers thought about changing the team name too. In the end, it was an idea that was opposed strongly. That will probably work out for the better in the long run considering how strong a brand the Clippers are already.

Even though the team elected to retain the Clippers name, the new look, design, and arena (Intuit Dome) should provide enough intrigue for the franchise heading into next season.

The goal for the Clippers was to ultimately begin separating themselves from the Lakers and creating their own strong brand. This is certainly the first step in that direction. There is naturally going to be some initial pushback on all this - most fans don't like change - but you have to credit Steve Ballmer and the rest of this franchise for putting their neck out there in an attempt to find their own lane.

While all this newfound excitement is only going to work in LA's favor, the one aspect of this all that will put this change over the top is winning. The best way to create a strong brand in the NBA is to win. It's the one attribute that trumps all.

Can winning help strengthen the LA Clippers' rebranding?

And that's the task the Clippers will have heading into this year's postseason. The Clippers, for the first time in a while, have a team that is capable of making a deep playoff run and, if they remain healthy, can seemingly win it all. At the very least, the Clippers have a good chance of making it to the NBA Finals.

Depending on how the West bracket plays out, there's a scenario where the Clippers play the Sacramento Kings in the first round and then a team like the Minnesota Timberwolves or Oklahoma City Thunder in the semifinals. In that situation, it would be surprising if the Clippers didn't have a good chance to make the conference finals before they have to face a team like the Denver Nuggets.

Can you imagine if the Clippers make a deep playoff run the year before they unveil their complete playoff run next season? That would give the franchise the exact momentum that they need heading into next season.

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Either way, the new Clippers will be here in 2024-25.