NBA Rumors: OKC Thunder eyeing move for low-risk, high-reward two-way wing

The Oklahoma City Thunder could look to acquire underwhelming two-way wing.
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NBA Rumors: The Oklahoma City Thunder could look to acquire a low-risk, high-reward two-way wing that has yet to find his footing in the NBA.

After falling short in the Western Conference Semifinals, all eyes will be on the Oklahoma City Thunder heading into the offseason. Will they explore a big move for a veteran star player? Will they continue to allow their young players to develop at a relaxed pace? What is next for the Thunder?

While that remains to be seen, there are a few other smaller moves that the Thunder could end up exploring this offseason. And one of those smaller moves could include attempting to acquire Patrick Williams from the Chicago Bulls. As a free agent, Williams will be able to test the open market this offseason. Whether or not Chicago is ready to move on from the former No. 4 overall pick remains to be seen.

According to a recent report, the Thunder could be a threat to sign Williams. With the growing chance that Williams and the Bulls could explore a divorce this offseason, OKC could make sense as a team that could enter as a potential sign-and-trade landing spot. The Thunder could sign him into their cap space, but the safest way forward for the Thunder is to explore a sign-and-trade with the Bulls considering Williams is a restricted free agent.

How would Patrick Williams fit on the Oklahoma City Thunder?

Williams could be viewed as an interesting low-risk, high-reward target for the Thunder. Even though Williams never truly hit his stride during his time in Chicago, there's reason to believe that he could still develop into the player that many projected him to be coming out of college.

Finding the right situation for this second phase of his career could go a long way in whether or not he'll be able to take another step forward in his individual game. The Thunder could be a strong landing spot for Williams considering they have one of the best developmental systems in the league.

Plus, Williams wouldn't have much pressure on him if he were to join an already thriving team in OKC. All he would need to do is to continue to develop in the shadows until he's ready to embrace a role for the team.

It'll be interesting to see what type of moves the Thunder end up making this offseason but it seems as if taking a gamble on a high-potential player like Williams could be on the table for OKC.

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