NBA Rumors: Philadelphia 76ers could target dynamic guard via trade at NBA Draft

Alex Caruso could be on the Philadelphia 76ers' radar heading into the NBA Draft.
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NBA Rumors: Heading into the NBA Draft, the Philadelphia 76ers could look to target a dynamic two-way guard instead of targeting a prospect with their 1st round pick.

With just two players on their roster heading into the NBA offseason, the Philadelphia 76ers will have the opportunity to truly retool the roster around Joel Embiid and Tyrese Maxey, who is going to get his max contract extension this offseason. While the big names that the Sixers could pursue have been well-documented, this offseason will not be just about their pursuit of another All-Star addition.

The Sixers have to fill out the rest of their roster too. And finding impactful role players could go a long way in helping this team take another step forward in the Eastern Conference. With the 2024 NBA Draft two weeks away, that could be the first opportunity for the Sixers to begin their offseason upgrades.

According to recent whispers from a Sixers reporter, one player the team could potentially target via trade at the NBA Draft is Alex Caruso. With their cap space cleared, Philadelphia will have plenty of flexibility heading into the offseason. Adding to their core via trade could be viewed as the most likely outcome for the Sixers this summer, especially with the way the sign-and-trade option has trended recently.

But before making their "big" move of the offseason, the Sixers could look to target a strong supporting player like Caruso who would be an excellent fit next to Maxey in the backcourt. What Maxey leaves to be desired on the defensive end of the floor, Caruso can more than makeup for it. And while many view Caruso as a somewhat limited player offensively, he's certainly shown a bit more capability on that end of the floor of late.

Alex Caruso could be a highly sought-after trade target this offseason

As much as Caruso would theoretically make sense for the Sixers, I think it's also important to note just how highly sought-after he could end up being this summer. If the Chicago Bulls do explore the option of pivoting toward a retooling of their roster, a Caruso trade could certainly develop this offseason.

At the very least, you'd imagine that the Bulls are going to do their due diligence when it comes to Caruso this summer. And if it does lead to a potential trade, it's safe to say that the Sixers are going to be one of the teams interested. Whether they actually end up pulling off a deal remains to be seen, but Caruso appears to be one of the players on their radar.

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