NBA Rumors: Predicting 11 Stars that will be on the move during the 2024 offseason

The 2024 NBA offseason could offer some big player movement once again in the Association.
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Alex Caruso, Chicago Bulls

Alex Caruso was one of the most popular names heading into this year's NBA Trade Deadline season. In the end, the Chicago Bulls elected to keep him on the roster. Whether it was due to their high asking price or the fact that they simply didn't want to punt on the season, Caruso remains on the roster heading into the offseason. However, I feel as if that's going to change at some point in the next few months. Assuming that the Chicago Bulls are going to pivot to a rebuild this offseason, and they should if they plan on trading Zach LaVine, that should open the door to also moving on from Caruso.

For as much as LaVine's trade value has tanked over the course of this season, Caruso is probably the player on the roster that's going to bring the Bulls the most trade value on the open market. If Chicago is retooling or rebuilding, it would be malpractice for the team not to explore moving Caruso.

Considering he'll be entering the final year of his contract in Chicago next season, the longer they wait to move him the more his trade value diminishes. This is a move that should be done at some point during the offseason.