NBA Rumors: Predicting where the top 50 free agents will sign this offseason

Where will the top NBA free agents end up signing this offseason?
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4. OG Anunoby, Unrestricted

Even though there may be some rumblings that contract negotiations between the New York Knicks and OG Anunoby have gotten off to a rocky start, there's reason to believe that the two sides will eventually get something done. I'd have to imagine that Anunoby's camp is using these "rumors" as an attempt to get the most money out of New York as they possibly can. But there is value in Anunoby re-signing with the Knicks and we know New York was a completely different team with and without Anunoby down the stretch. The two sides need each other and I'd predict their roads this offseason will eventually lead back to each other.

If Anunoby does genuinely test the open free agency market, there will be plenty of interest. I simply don't believe he's going to end up doing that. Unless there's something going on behind the scenes that we're completely missing, the Knicks and Anunoby have been a near-perfect fit.

If Anunoby doesn't re-sign with the Knicks this offseason, it's because something unforeseen took place.

Prediction: New York Knicks