NBA Rumors: Ranking 13 most impactful buyout candidates after trade deadline

With the NBA Trade Deadline officially in the books, we now shift our attention to the potential buyout market that could arise.
Brooklyn Nets v Philadelphia 76ers
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NBA Rumors: Ranking a few of the most impactful buyout candidates now that the NBA Trade Deadline dust has begun to settle.

With the 2024 NBA Trade Deadline officially in the books, the intrigue surrounding the potential buyout market between now and the start of the playoffs is only going to grow. A handful of veterans on expiring contracts who find themselves in losing situations are likely going to find their way to the open market via a buyout (in which they negotiate a buyout from the remainder of their contracts with their respective teams).

Over the course of the next few days and perhaps weeks, this market is going to begin to develop. As the trade deadline dust begins to settle, let's explore 13 of the most impactful potential buyout candidates that could arise in the NBA.

13. Thaddeus Young, Brooklyn Nets

Being traded from the Toronto Raptors, where he didn't play much to begin with, to the Brooklyn Nets, it's quite clear that Thaddeus Young, barring something unforeseen, is going to emerge as a buyout candidate over the next couple of weeks. In 23 appearances this season, Young was averaging five points and three rebounds on 62 percent shooting from the field.

In a vacuum, Young could bring a veteran presence off the bench in a defined role. At 35 years old, Young may not have many more opportunities left to catch up with a contender, so this could end up being one of the biggest decisions of his career. Any contender looking to beef up their frontcourt could end up taking a look in Young's direction.