NBA Rumors: Surprise East contender could draft Bronny James to lure LeBron in FA

Could a surprise Eastern Conference contender draft Bronny James in hopes of luring LeBron James in Free Agency?
Stanford v USC
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NBA Rumors: A surprise Eastern Conference contender could make the bold move of drafting Bronny James in an attempt to lure LeBron James in Free Agency.

It was a bit of a surprise when it was reported that Bronny James was declaring for the 2024 NBA Draft. After all, after not making much of a contribution to a bad USC team this season, the natural play for Bronny would be either return for a sophomore season for the Trojans or transfer to a place where he could receive more playing time. But, Bronny isn't your average NBA Draft prospect.

Not as long as his father, LeBron James, is playing in the NBA. Because of LeBron's presence in the league and his upcoming free agency, it could open the door for some non-natural scenarios involving Bronny heading into the 2024 NBA Draft. Even if there's a less than 1 percent chance that LeBron would consider leaving the Los Angeles Lakers to play with his son on another team, there are several teams that theoretically would be open to taking that gamble heading into the NBA Draft.

According to one NBA executive, one team that he believes could make such a bold move is the Philadelphia 76ers. Daryl Morey, the Sixers general manager, isn't opposed to taking big swings. We've seen it throughout his career, first with the Houston Rockets and now with the Sixers.

The question is, would drafting Bronny be enough to sway LeBron away from Los Angeles?

The Sixers could be a strong alternative to the Lakers for LeBron

Out of all the teams that could potentially make such a move, the Sixers might be the best alternative to the Lakers if you're LeBron. With a rising star in Tyrese Maxey and an established perennial MVP candidate in the middle of his prime in Joel Embiid, the Sixers are the more talented team compared to the Lakers. Add Bronny to the equation, who the Sixers could take with their projected 16th pick in the first round, and it's easy to see why they could emerge as an appealing suitor.

All that said, they're also on the other side of the United States. And, I'm not sure if that's the type of move LeBron wants to make this late in his career, especially with all his business dealings on the West Coast.

Either way, it would be an excellent situation for Morey to place LeBron in heading into the offseason. Forcing LeBron to say no to a place where he could seemingly win a championship next season while also playing with his son is not a bad free-agency game plan for the Sixers if other options fall through.

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