NBA Rumors: Surprising early favorite has emerged in Lakers' coaching search

A surprising favorite has emerged in the Los Angeles Lakers' head-coaching search.
Los Angeles Lakers v Denver Nuggets - Game Five
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NBA Rumors: Has a surprising early favorite emerged in the Los Angeles Lakers' head-coaching search?

After taking a step back this season, the Los Angeles Lakers have a pretty important few months ahead of them. With many big decisions to make this offseason, one of the first revolves around finding a new head coach. Deciding to move on from Darvin Ham after two seasons, the Lakers have begun an expansive head-coaching search.

Even though the Lakers aren't likely close to making a final decision about who the new head coach will be, there may be a surprising early favorite.

As the Lakers continue to take steps forward in their head coaching search, it appears that there may be an early favorite. According to a recent report, J.J. Redick appears as an early favorite to be named the new head coach of the Lakers.

The Los Angeles Lakers are still in the early process of hiring a new head coach

The Lakers are still early in the process of hiring a new head coach but it would be shocking if Redick didn't emerge as one of the finalists at this point. Whether or not he ends up being the selection remains to be seen, but he's very much a serious candidate.

Hiring Redick would be a stark change from the common hiring trends in the NBA. Generally speaking, we see many former head coach cycle in and out between jobs. Redick, with virtually no coaching experience in the NBA, getting his first shot with the Lakers would be quite the story. That doesn't mean he isn't qualified or can't do the job, it would just be a huge risk for a team that has championship aspirations heading into next season.

If it were to happen, it would certainly be one of the most intriguing storylines to watch heading into the new season. As we get closer and closer to the official start of the offseason, you'd have to imagine that the Lakers are going to want to get some clarity at the head coaching position sooner rather than later. The longer Redick's name continues to be in the mix, the more real of a possibility this becomes.

At least for now, it seems like there's a good chance that Redick will end up becoming the next head coach of the Lakers. A lot can change, but he may have emerged as a surprising favorite at the moment.

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