NBA Rumors: Surprising East team could pivot toward seller ahead of trade deadline?

With the NBA Trade Deadline around the corner, buyers and sellers will begin to seperate themselves from each other. Could a surprise East team embrace selling?
Atlanta Hawks v Chicago Bulls
Atlanta Hawks v Chicago Bulls / Jamie Sabau/GettyImages

NBA Rumors: Could the Atlanta Hawks surprisingly emerge as a seller ahead of the NBA Trade Deadline?

Inching closer and closer to the NBA Trade Deadline, there are bound to be some surprises when it comes to the buyers and sellers that emerge. The next couple of weeks could end up determining the fate of several teams on that front.

One of those teams that, at this point, could embrace either approach heading into the trade deadline is the Atlanta Hawks. However, at least right now, they may be leaning toward the stance of being a seller.

According to senior NBA reporter for Yahoo! Sports Jake Fischer, there's a growing belief around the league that the Hawks could emerge as somewhat of a seller ahead of the NBA Trade Deadline. Embracing this stance would allow Atlanta to take a bit of a step back before (hopefully) taking two steps forward in their build.

Heading into the trade deadline, the Hawks have popped up all over the rumor mill. They've been linked to Pascal Siakam but also have one of the bigger possible deadline trade candidates in Dejounte Murray. Even though it's hard to imagine the Hawks waving the white flag on this build, it wouldn't be all that shocking if they decided to bite the bullet a bit for the remainder of this year to recuperate during the offseason.

Right now, the Hawks are going nowhere quick in the Eastern Conference. At nearly the midway point of the season, Atlanta is 14-20 and currently sitting outside the top 10 in the standings. As disappointing as they've been each of the last two seasons, the Hawks are on pace to not even make the postseason this year.

When you consider that, it's not all that stunning to hear that the Hawks may emerge as sellers ahead of the trade deadline. In fact, I'd argue it's something that could end up working hugely in their favor.

A few names that the Hawks could explore trading include Murray, De'Andre Hunter (especially if they're high on Jalen Johnson), Clint Capela, Saddiq Bey (if they're unsure about re-signing him), and perhaps even Bogdan Bogdanovic. Those are all players that could demand a significant market on the trade block.

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For the Hawks, the question becomes, how much of a retooling are they looking to make? That's something that needs to be answered over the next few weeks. Either way, the Hawks are certainly a team to keep a close eye on.