NBA Rumors: Warriors insider makes shocking prediction for trade deadline

It's looking more and more like the Golden State Warriors are going to make a big move at the NBA Trade Deadline.
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NBA Rumors: A Golden State Warriors insider makes a shocking prediction about what the team will do ahead of the NBA Trade Deadline.

The Golden State Warriors are in serious trouble of falling out of the playoff race in the Western Conference. They're currently 5.5 games out of the sixth seed in the standings and at this point, short of a big move at the NBA Trade Deadline, it's hard to imagine the Warriors salvaging what is looking more and more like another lost season.

With just a few weeks before the trade deadline, the Warriors are likely scrambling to find the right move that will tangibly change the fortunes of the season. Interestingly enough, one plugged-in Warriors reporter had an interesting prediction about how the team will operate ahead of the trade deadline.

On a recent podcast appearance, Warriors insider Tim Kawakami predicted that he believes that Andrew Wiggins will be traded by the February 8 deadline. Over the last few weeks, this is something that has begun to be hinted at more and more.

As the Warriors continue to spiral down the Western Conference standings, it's clear that something needs to change. Heading into the last few weeks before the trade deadline, it seems that everything and anything (with the exception of trading Stephen Curry) may be on the table for the Warriors. With how bad this team has been recently, that should be the case.

It seems that the Warriors trading Wiggins may very well be on the table. The question is, how much would that truly accomplish for Golden State?

What could the Golden State Warriors get for Andrew Wiggins on the trade market?

It's tough to say what the Warriors could get for Wiggins on the trade market right now. If the Warriors had explored a Wiggins trade a couple of offseasons ago, there's a case to be made that his trade value was at an all-time high. However, right now, while it may not be at an all-time low, it's certainly not going to be as high as Golden State would like it to be.

Nevertheless, sometimes retooling the roster offers more value than upgrading it. Maybe if the Warriors staple one of their young players and a draft pick to Wiggins, the return would be more on par with what the Warriors are looking for.

Either way now that Wiggins may be on the trade block, or at the very least on trade watch, the Warriors' next few weeks ahead of the trade deadline becomes that much more interesting.

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Will the Warriors pull the trigger on a big move? Who could be on their radar? Is there a move out there that could seemingly salvage the Warriors' season? These are questions that are going to begin to be answered over the next couple of weeks.