NBA Trade Rumors: Warriors warming to idea of trading Andrew Wiggins?

Could the Golden State Warriors make a surprise move at the NBA Trade Deadline?
Golden State Warriors v Sacramento Kings
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NBA Trade Rumors: The Golden State Warriors may be slowly warming up to the idea of trading Andrew Wiggins ahead of the NBA Trade Deadline.

During the Golden State Warriors' championship run in 2022, Andrew Wiggins was arguably the team's second-best player. During that postseason run, Wiggins averaged 17 points and eight rebounds on 47 percent shooting from the field while playing stingy defense on the other end of the floor. With an aging Klay Thompson and Draymond Green, Wiggins emerged as an extremely valuable supporting difference-maker next to Stephen Curry.

Nearly two years removed from that impressive run from both the Warriors and Wiggins, circumstances have changed. Wiggins is no longer playing at that high level and, in fact, he's been relegated to a bench role. Wiggins is on pace to have the worst statistical season of his career thus far. He's averaging 13 points and four rebounds on 43 percent shooting from the field and 30 percent shooting from 3-point range.

As the Warriors continue to struggle as a team, currently sitting outside of the top 10 in the Western Conference standings with a 15-16 record, you can't help but wonder what moves await this team at the NBA Trade Deadline.

Less than six weeks away, the Warriors have some difficult decisions to make. And one of them could revolve around the idea of trading Wiggins. With two more guaranteed years on his contract after this season (and a player option for a third), there was an overwhelming belief that Wiggins was going to be a huge part of the Warriors' future. However, over the past year and a half, that may have changed.

According to a recent report from Warriors reporter Tim Kawakami of The Athletic, the team might be warming up to the idea of possibly exploring Wiggins' market ahead of the trade deadline.

The Golden State Warriors may retool their roster

At some point soon, if the Warriors continue losing at a greater pace than they're winning, you'd have to imagine that some change has to happen. If the season ended today, the Warriors wouldn't qualify for the playoffs, much less emerge as a championship contender in the Western Conference.

For as veteran of a roster as Golden State has, that has to be viewed as unacceptable in the front office.

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The next month of the season may be the most important month for the franchise in the last half-decade. What happens to the team in the next month, both on and off the floor, could dictate what lies ahead for the next 2-3 seasons. And now, a trade of Wiggins isn't completely off the table.