NBA Trade Rumors: 11 Players who could shockingly hit the trade block this offseason

There are a few players who could shockingly hit the NBA trade block this offseason.
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Jarrett Allen, Cleveland Cavaliers

The Cleveland Cavaliers may be focused on locking up Donovan Mitchell for the foreseeable future this offseason but even if he does sign an extension, that doesn't mean there can't be other big moves for the team to pursue. If Mitchell does sign a long-term extension, I'd imagine Cleveland is going to start building around Mitchell more proactively. Trading a core piece or two could be part of that retooling around Mitchell. While all the talk of a potential retooling around Mitchell seems to focus on the Cavs trading Darius Garland, I can't help but wonder if Jarrett Allen falls into that bucket too.

With Evan Mobley continuing to improve as a player, it's only a matter of time before he takes over the reins at the center position for Cleveland. If that does end up happening, it makes Allen a bit of a luxury for the team.

That would only make it much more likely for the Cavs to explore the trade market for Allen. Considering he has only two years remaining on his contract, the Cavs need to make a decision on his future pretty quickly.