NBA Trade Rumors: 11 Surprising, yet realistic trade demands that would help shake up the offseason

There are a few surprising trade demands that could end up shaking up the 2024 NBA offseason.
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NBA Trade Rumors: Looking at the landscape of the NBA, there are 11 surprising, yet somewhat realistic, trade demands that could help shake up the offseason.

Even though the official start of the NBA offseason is still about a month and a half away, there are many teams that have already pivoted to transaction mode considering their season is already over. And as the offseason draws closer and closer, it's almost impossible not to begin to speculate on what it could hold. Piggybacking on that speculation, we explore 11 stars who could end up demanding a trade this summer that could go a long way in shaking up the NBA offseason.

11 Stars that could be next to demand a trade

Trae Young, Atlanta Hawks

With all the whispers that have surrounded a potential trade of Trae Young, would it be that surprising if he went to the front office at some point before the start of the NBA offseason and informed them that he would prefer to be traded this summer? Sure, the Hawks are already thinking about the possibility of trading Young, but we just saw a similar narrative build out to no avail in the months leading to the NBA Trade Deadline with Dejounte Murray.

It's not unfair for Young to be honest with the front office and inform them he doesn't want to have to go through all that process, only to be kept on the roster. Sure, the NBA is a business but there's no question that trade rumors take a toll. Young could opt to avoid all that and demand a trade before the Hawks even make a firm decision on his future. If that were to happen, it would remove much of the leverage that Atlanta has at the moment.