NBA Trade Rumors: 14 Bold deadline predictions that would shake up the league

Exploring a few bold predictions ahead of the 2024 NBA Trade Deadline.
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The Chicago Bulls don't trade Zach LaVine

Heading into the NBA Trade Deadline, it's almost become a foregone conclusion that the Chicago Bulls are going to trade Zach LaVine. However, the trade market for LaVine has left much to be desired and it puts the Bulls in a very difficult situation if that doesn't change quickly. Between now and the trade deadline, I can't imagine that will. That's why I predict that the Bulls won't trade LaVine at the deadline and will keep him on the roster heading into the offseason.

Here's the thing when it comes to trading LaVine. The Bulls are going to decide to either trade him for pennies on the dollar or keep him on the roster for another few months to possibly get a better deal for him during the offseason. When push comes to shove, I think the Bulls are going to take their chances with him for the remainder of the season.

Do I believe this is the best path forward for the Bulls or LaVine? Probably not. However, it also is completely understandable if you put yourselves in the position of the Bulls.